Thursday, 30 July 2009

Malaria Africa's Great Killer...

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), a child dies of malaria every 30 seconds. Malaria is a mosquito- born life threatening disease caused by parasites and it kills about 350–500 million people worldwide each year mostly in sub-Saharan Africa. The phrase “prevention is better than cure” is so widely known yet African governments seem to find it hard to understand what this clearly explanatory phrase really means. I don’t think it requires a genius to figure out that the prevention of malaria is perhaps more cost-effective than treatment of the disease hence, so many deaths of innocent children would reduce if African governments educate the people vigorously on the benefits of clean environment.

Also, the construction of a proper system of draining of wetland which are breeding grounds for mosquitoes, the total prevention of stagnant water or oiling of stagnant water and in all better sanitation in the sub-Sahara African countries who are mostly victim to malaria would just be enough in combating the parasites. Well, my view is that a little bit of common sense approach will go along way in reducing the spread of malaria rather than the well publicized used of Bed nets by footballers and politicians and yet I have not seen a campaign on good sanitation. Malaria was once common in most of Europe and North America where it is no longer endemic and I doubt that they achieved this by using mosquito nets.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Corruption Africa’s poisonous apple…

The African continent since the end of colonial rule has been labelled as the failed continent with corrupt leaders. In reality corruption is an issue in every continent and some Western nations do have dip-rooted corrupt structures in their political systems. For instance in the USA and UK, corruption is replaced by sophisticated names such as “lobbyists” or “Party financial donors”. But whatever word is used to refer to corruption, it depicts the dysfunctional nature of a political or institutional system of any country. However, the level of inexcusable corruption in Africa surpasses any where in the world and the effect of it is undeniable. Most African leaders came from a very poor financial and moral background therefore when they are in a position of leadership they tend to concentrate on their personal financial gains and the lack of moral value gives them a sense of entitlement to do that. Corruption is a formulation which is used in so many ways to destabilize a nation by an organisation or state that pays the bribe and Africans should not forget that corruption was instrumental in overthrowing Africa’s greats such as Kwame Nkrumah and Patrice Lumumba just to mention a few. Nonetheless, corruption the poisonous apple has become a self fulfilling prophesy to greedy minded African leaders who will do anything to get to power and also hold on to power. Whiles in power they spend the money which belongs to the country as if it is their own without any consideration for the people. Disappointingly, what these power and money grabbing leaders fail to do is think beyond the money. Politicians in Africa act with great disregard to their people and pursue acts of bribery and embezzlement without any accountability and the lack of independent organizations to enforce accountability make it easier for politicians and indeed people within higher level of governance.

Subsequently, corruption has crept into the African society as a whole and it has replaced the Africa moral values which edge that working for the good and progressiveness of society as a whole is a good thing for all. Individual Africans in their every day life are either victims or perpetrators of corruption. In other words, corruption has become the standard pattern of behaviour in the African society and in reality selfishness and greed has become the norm to the extent that consciously or unconsciously people are corrupting others and are also being corrupt. I call corruption a poisonous apple because at first instance it looks and taste good but the end is deadly. Corruption is not good for any society and even more dangerously for Africa as it has crippled the continent. Africans are always quick to point fingers at their leaders but what they fail to do is to look within themselves. For corruption to be eradicated, it must start from the root and work it way out to the top of governance because eventually, the people from the top came from the bottom. Therefore, corruption will only become a thing of the past when the African society begins to establish deep rooted values that embrace patriotism and selfless act but which also absolutely frown upon greed and self interest which leads to corruption. Corruption will perish in Africa if well structured institutions are created to hold everyone accountable for their acts or omissions to the society. From laypersons to students and teachers, religious leaders, business personals, the media, the army and the police, lawyers, doctors and nurses and all the way up to Members of parliament, the judiciary, ministers and Head of States, all must bear the cross of eradicating corruption. The various corruption name calling is simply a mediocrity.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Africa’s letter to Obama…

Mr Obama totally swept history under the carpet when he said that “the simple premise is that Africa's future is up to Africans”.

Perhaps out of ignorance, Obama failed to recognised that United State and it’s European counterparts have always been the main perpetrators and supporters of all coup in Africa, Latin America and else where in the world. And these coups are made possible because of greed and the mighty power of the West which automatically make it impossible for any country in Africa to resist their influence. Hence the notion expressed by Obama that Africa’s future is up to Africa is not true. More closely to the truth is that, if our African ancestors had invented gun before the European got to our shore, history would have been different. Evidently, leaders such as Dr. Osagyefor Kwame Nkrumah and President Patrice Lumumba of Congo who were willing and ready to resist neo-colonialism were overthrown by coup instrumented by United State and its Europeans allies in fever of corrupt leaders that were willing to sell their land because of greed.

Obama stated that “Opportunity won't come from any other place, though — it must come from the decisions that you make, the things that you do, and the hope that you hold in your hearts”.

If the Western powers allow Africa leaders to make their decision without a threat then Africa will surely develop. His comment is absolutely hypocritical and bullocks because the fact remains that, the future of Africa is up to United State and European super powers and the moment Africa starts to choose its leaders without the interference of the West, African leaders will feel that they are accountable and loyal only to the people of Africa therefore will be free to lead. There are so many corrupt and undemocratic leaders in Africa right now who are supported by the USA even as President Obama spoke in Ghana. Presidents such as Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and Yoweri Museveni of Uganda both have somehow managed to convince the West that the constant violation of human rights laws and also being in power for over 20 years is democratic. Obama has no authority under the African sun to turn around and criticised some African leaders just because they turn to china and elsewhere for partnership. Obama condemned Mugabe because he is fighting to get the land back to his people as he promised them before he attained independence for Zimbabwe.

President Obama is so wrong when he commented that, “it is easy to point fingers, and to pin the blame for these problems on others. Yes, a colonial map that made little sense bred conflict, and the West has often approached Africa as a patron, rather than a partner. But the West is not responsible for the destruction of the Zimbabwean economy over the last decade.”

Evidently, Africa’s problem was created by the West and still its development is being hampered by the West. Obama should clear the mess that the West has created for a long time in Africa before pointing fingers at the very so called corrupt leaders that his country and the West support. His views are deceptive because the West on one hand is telling Africa to be democratic and on the other hand they are twisting the hands of African leaders for their own benefit which consequently becomes a detriment to Africa.

President Obama said “Countries like Kenya, which had a per capita economy larger than South Korea's when I was born, have been badly outpaced”.

Well, I think President Obama should go back to read his history books because when he was born Kenya was still under colonial rule therefore unless Obama is suggestion that Africa will only be better under colonial rule then I'm oblivious what his comment means. But whatever it is, the Colonial masters only left the political office to the Nubian man but never did they intended to leave the political and economical power to them. They made sure that the economy in particular was never transferred before they cleared the Banks. And also in relation to trade, prices of mineral resource were determined by the colonial masters and Agriculture produce exported to the West was made possible only to the white farmers leaving in Africa. The Awful truth remains that even now Africa is not free politically and economically.

However, Obama contradicted himself when said that “In his life, colonialism wasn't simply the creation of unnatural borders or unfair terms of trade — it was something experienced personally, day after day, year after year.” I agree and the truth is that, without economic freedom, Africa is not free therefore the current unfair trade designed by his country and Europeans are to keep Africa dependant on its colonial masters.

The first African American president of United State betrayed mother Africa and all those who trusted him to do good to the continent when he said this “And let me be clear: our Africa Command is focused not on establishing a foothold in the continent, but on confronting these common challenges to advance the security of America, Africa and the world”.

This is simply utter bullocks because if Obama cared just a little bit, he would know that the Africom which was introduced by Bush and Cheney who are the most evil minded, selfish people I have ever seen: can not and will not ever be good for Ghana and Africa unless Obama can guarantee Africa that He intends to stay As President of United State for eternity. Ghanaians should bear in mind that the next President of United State will be a Whiteman and possibly a Reagan republican therefore it doesn’t require a genius to figure out that, their in-depth thought about Africa is not favourable to Africans.

President Barack Hussein Obama referred to what Martin Luther King said during his visit to Ghana’s Independence celebrating where Dr. King said that, “It renews my conviction in the ultimate triumph of justice”

This is disrespectful and utter bullocks because obama’s entire speech suggested that he is not siding with justice for Africa hence Obama has defied Dr. King's fight for justice . However, I do agree with Mr. Obama on one thing when he said that “For just as it is important to emerge from the control of another nation, it is even more important to build one's own.” Nonetheless, my hope is that President Obama adopts policies which deter any detrimental interference in Africa by United State and Europe. As Nkrumah said, “The best way of learning to be an independent sovereign state is to be an independent sovereign state”.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Obama rewards Ghana…

Before President Obama and his entourage arrived at the coast of Ghana, the media constantly referred to his visit as a symbolic gesture or a reward for Ghana’s so called “Democracy”. This brings up the question, is Ghana a sovereign country or the 52nd State of United State of America. How Ghana and its leaders have stoop too low as feeling the need to be rewarded by United State for carrying out their constitutional obligations is beyond understanding and quietly frankly extremely shameful. I watched the speech by President John Atta Mills with sadness and disbelieve. The message of his speech was too disgraceful and he spoke as if he was begging the President of United State Barack Obama’s permission to do the things Ghanaians expects their Head of State to do. He spoke as if he is the son asking Mr. Obama the father permission to take care of his children, the Ghanaian people. Our African ancestors who suffered slavery and colonisation must be weeping in their graves. I can not comprehend the thought behind his speech but what ever that may be, it signified how imbalance the talk between him and President Obama would be.

For a fact, the conversation will not be based on mutual respect but sadly, it will rather be a conversation where Obama instructs President Mills to sign on to the construction of Africom and also tell him which company to give the oil contract to. President Mills has further revealed himself that he lacks vision for Ghana and worst of all he is an elite vampire who preys and feeds on his own people for the benefit of the West. However, Obama spoke with arrogance and lacked knowledge of Africa and its people even though he keeps convincing himself that he is being tough on the continent but many people will differ on such notion. Also, Obama failed to acknowledge the CIA’s influence in overthrowing the most prominent leader and indeed one of the founding fathers of the Africa as we see today Osagyefor Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. Worst of all, he showed no emotional connection with the African continent though he repeated and emphasised his paternal heritage to Africa. On the hand, President Clinton was decorated with Kenta and shown his appreciation yet Obama wore no Kenta and showed no admiration toward the Ghanaian culture

He deliberately and disrespectfully referred to Zimbabwe yet made no reference either to colonisation, land grabbing, brutality, the cause of wars and poverty by the West in Africa. However, Obama’s speech sounded like he was the leader of Ghana putting Ghana first but than again that was just a speech without substance and his speech is exactly what I would expect from President G W Bush or any other President of United State. Nonetheless, he can be forgiven because he is after all the President of United State and he like all other President before him, his interest is not and will not be with the African people. In brief, he came as a wolf covered in sheep’s skin. Therefore, the focus was on President Mills to show his leadership skills and vision for his country Ghana and he failed them miserably. If my assessment is correct than the implication for his failure will be too detrimental to Ghanaians including the unborn generations. Sincerely, I hope that the speech by Mills was just a mistake by his speech writer and actually not his thought therefore he would in reality, conduct business with United State as partners with mutual respect.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Obama hates Africa…

I watched President Obama’s interview with allafrica with dismay and soreness. Barack Obama for the first time looks like he had no clue of what he was saying and appears like he was reading a script with no understanding of the African Continent and its people. When he spoke with Middle East people he had a precise idea and message he wanted to send out but sadly the same can not be said about Africa in his interview. It was so bizarre to the extent that the journalist who interviewed him kept asking him about his aim and legacy for the continent but he had no concrete responds. More insulting he kept on referring to the Continent as "the African people". President Obama wants more aid and a partnership with Africa yet failed to underline what sort of partnership and worst of all he showed he does not care about the detriment aid causes to the continent. Evidently, aid to Africa has made the poor poorer and has contributed significantly to corruption as well as hampering the development of the continent. In the era where many are calling for less aid and more investments I would have thought that Obama would make the idea of investment as the main purpose and vision for Africa. He said he is not a believer in excuses and the Zimbabwe economy was not destroyed by the west: again depicting his lack of knowledge or disregard for Zimbabwean people who just wants a piece of their land which rightly belong to them.

This is sad coming from a man who call’s himself African American and yet he refers to Africans as “the African people”. Obama totally ignores and snubs the pain that Africa has been put through by the west without any acknowledgement of the fact that most African dictators are supported by the West. He completely rejected the undeniable unwavering support by the West to leaders such as Mwai Kibaki, late President Bongo and Mugabe (that is before he wanted his land) which has contributed to the lack of democratic governance in Africa. He portrays Africa in the darkest light as if I’m watching Joe Biden or Sarah Palin talk about Africa. Obama’s interview has embolden the West who preys and keep preying on the continent. Nonetheless, I’m hopeful that the new generation of African would see the West for what they really are whether they come as a wolf covered in the sheep’s skin or as a vulture painted white looking like a dove. President George W. Bush is the true friend of Africa as weird as it may sound it is the fact. Africa should weep and not rejoice for Obama's visit. His visit to Africa is just a symbolic visit lacking respect, dignity, friendship or vision for the continent. President Obama spat on Mother Africa just to put it mildly. May God have mercy on Africa, the most Beautiful and the richest continent in God’s universe and save it from the illusory aim of the West.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Ghana on sale for $5000...

According to Ghanaweb on Tuesday, Hon. P.C. Appiah-Ofori, the MP for Asikuma-Odoben-Brakwa has alleged that members of Parliament from the New Patriotic Party were ordered by President Kuffour to vote for the approval for the sale of Ghana Telecom to Vodafone. In his testimony before the inter-ministerial committee, Hon. P.C. Appiah-Ofori revealed that each Member of Parliament for NPP than received $5000 which came directly from President Kuffour’s office. The article on Ghanaweb appears to me that Hon. P.C. Appiah-Ofori is a man who is genuinely concern about level of unpatriotic act by the Kuffour Government and MPs. However, it failed to reveal if P.C. Appiah-Ofori voted for the sale and indeed if he was also influence by $5000 since he represents the NPP in Parliament. Notwithstanding, I am totally appalled but not surprise by the actions of those MPs and President Kuffour.

However, the thought of corruption at Presidential level is disastrous to any nation bearing in mind that the lives of over 23.000.000 Ghanaians depend on the President. The duty of President John Kuffour and his NPP government for the eight years that they were in power were, to protect the well-being of all Ghanaians and safeguard the independence and territorial integrity as well as to take the significant steps to eradicate corrupt practices and the abuse of power. I am extremely disappointed to say the least that the NPP government failed the Ghanaian people and sold their trust and their property for a mere disgraceful amount of $5000 to a foreign entity. This is treason at the level of merciless and therefore deserving of death if found guilty. Even though, I normally do not agree with death penalty but with this issue I can not think of any punishment worthy of such act. Nkrumah and all those Kings and Queens including people who were shipped for slavery must be weeping in their graves. I fear for the beautiful nation of Ghana when the oil starts pumping, bearing in mind this level of corrupting and treason. May the Almighty God help Ghana the gate way to Africa.

Friday, 3 July 2009

The Madness of Ghanaian People

Markets in Ghana have been flooded with cheap imported food such as chicken, fish, rice and sugar from the European Union, United States and china. Almost one third of the EU frozen chicken exports to Africa end up in Ghana. Households, restaurants and supermarkets in Ghana are filled with imported food and yet the same food products are produced by hard working Ghanaian farmers. But for some absurd reasons, Ghanaians and their Governments insist on making the foreign imported food their daily food consumption which subsequently destroys the Ghanaian farmers’ way of living and also endangers Ghana's economy. Why Ghanaians prefer these fatty genetic modified chicken parts which come in packages without labels to indicate their nutrition values is beyond human reasoning.

Bluntly refusing to buy our own products is the saddest and the madness thing ever heard of in human history. During the period of Ghana Empire which existed between 790-1076, people came from afar just to trade in Ghana and it was reported that the Empire could feed an army of 200, 000 soldiers. Historically, Ghanaian is predominately farmers and has always rallied on agriculture as source of living: hence agriculture is embedded in Ghana culture. But today Ghana has stoop so low by rejecting its own farm products which subsequently means rejection of the Ghanaian tradition. Ghanaian products are safe and healthy even to the extent that when exported to the west it is classified as organic products which are ridiculously expensive in the rich countries. Yet Ghanaians are comfortable consuming food products which are genetic modified and the production processes can not be verified by individual Ghanaian as fit to eat. Bearing in mind the attitude of the west when it comes to exporting unhealthy stuff to Africa, the last thing on the mind of any reasonable human being in Africa is to trust food stuff exported to Africa from Europe.

Painfully, Ghana governments use globalization as the excuse which obviously indicates their lack of wisdom, intellect and patriotism. The Ghana government either the NPP or the current NDC have failed due to ignorance to understand that the concept of globalization was created to advance the interest and the economy of the richer nation and never in doubt was it for the interest of African nations. Ghanaians should ask themselves this question, will European Union allow Ghana chicken to flood the EU countries without an alarm to stop that immediately?

“Globalization is a double-edge sword: a powerful vehicle that raises economic growth, spreads new technology, and increases living standards in rich and poor countries alike, but also an immensely controversial process that assaults national sovereignty, erodes local culture and tradition, and threatens economic and social stability” - Robert J. Samuels, political economist.